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In this section, we present our best objects - private houses, hotels and individual products.

Finishing of the facade of the house, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

The facade of the house is completely finished with products from sandstone - a facade slab, decorative products, a fence and columns.

The facade is finished with a plate in the format 800x400x20mm.
The plate was glued to the insulation thickness of 100mm.
In connection with the great height of the house, an inter-floor cornice is used.

The columns of the central passage and the windows are decorated with cane panels.
Decorative element under the windows - carved panel "grid".
The windows of the second floor are crowned by a fluted arch and a castle stone.
The end of the balcony is decorated with a cornice.
Window-sills are pitched.

Finishing of the hotel facade at Cape Sarych, Sevastopol, Crimea

2014-2016 years of work of our company were, basically, are engaged in production of products from a sandstone for facing of the VIP-hotel in Crimea.

In the facade decoration, columns, half-columns, cornices, balusters, decorative elements and a stove were used.
Particular attention deserves the decorative element "Medallion" on the pediment of the building. Overall dimensions are 5400х1100х100mm.

The element consisted of 19 parts. The weight of some parts reached 250 kg.

An arc-shaped balcony is also lined with sandstone elements - balusters, a foundation for balusters, a parapet. The base for balusters (arc-shaped) was made according to patterns.

Finishing of the cottage facade in the Sauvignon housing estate, Odessa

August 1, 2017goda .... and we have already the second cottage in the housing estate "Sauvignon", Odessa, decorated with products made of sandstone.

In the facade decoration, the facade panel was used with a size of 800x400x15 mm, a batchboard plate sized 400x400x50mm, framing of windows and doors with a section of 150x80mm, cornices with a section of 250x120mm and decorative elements.
Facing the facade was developed by our designers
only on the picture provided by the client .....

Finishing the territory of the mansion in s.Vishenki (near Kiev)

In the decoration of the adjoining territory of the mansion in the village of Vyshenky (near Kiev) the following materials were used:

In the lining of the cottage there is a slab "Skala" measuring 300x200x30mm;
Paving stone "Retro-1";
Plate on the terrace - 450 * 450 * 40mm + decorative cubes 90 * 90 * 40mm; The retaining walls are tiled with "Solomka" tiles (40mm);

Columns are decorated with a tile "Rock" 300 * 400 * 70mm and an arc-shaped cover with a figured edge milling;
The sandstone steps are straight and arcuate.

Fence at the mansion in the village of Pidgircy (near Kiev)

The fence at the mansion in the village of Pidgircy (near Kiev) is made up of sandstone blocks measuring 40*40*20sm.
The gate is decorated with an arcuate clypeus.
The wall of the fence is decorated with decorative niches, spheres and shelves.

Registration of the names of villages in the Yampol district of the Vinnytsia region

At the request of the Yampol District Administration in 2009, our company carried out the work on registration of the entrance to the village of the district. On the blocks of sandstone our masters made inscriptions of villages.

Decoration of the facade of the restaurant in Vinnitsa

The use of sandstone in the design of exteriors and interiors of restaurants and cafes is only part of the fashion ...

The owners of restaurants, decorated with sandstone, note that visitors do not stint on compliments on the design of institutions. Our stone is decorated with restaurants in Khmelnitsky, Kiev, Viinitsa, Uzhgorod.

The finishing of this institution is not used the most expensive version of the slab with a facet 10 mm around the perimeter.
Decor - plaster moldings.

Finishing the mansion in Koncha Zaspa (near Kiev)

The decoration of the mansion and the surrounding area consisted of several stages - the design of the mansion, the terraces of the rear passage, the construction of a stone alcove and a barbecue pergola.

During the cladding of objects used:
the slab "Rock" is 600x300x40mm;
hollow columns;
cornices and moldings for framing the front door;
covering over the plinth;

Tile "Rock" 120mm for separating the plinth of the terrace;
steps straight and semicircular;
octahedral columns for the altanka and arbours barbecue.

Facing the facade of the house in Brest, Belarus

In the lining of the facade of the house and landscape design the following materials were used:
plate size 1200x400x40 with bevel 20mm
plate format sizes 600x300x20mm
slab pavement with the size of 500x500x40mm
parapet covers straight and arched
cornices and casings
arched and straight steps
We finished the composition "Shishka" with ornamental and vases, and in the park - straight and arched benches made of sandstone.

Chapel on the embankment of Yalta, Crimea

One of the first serious works was the production of details for the facing of the chapel on the embankment in Yalta. We proudly and proudly presented our work - arc arched, cornices, "horseshoes", columns and slabs facing.




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